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I asked my dad to bring me some popcorn since I’m laid up in bed and can’t carry shit with crutches and he was like “You’re hungry?? After that dinner??” and it was all I could do to not yell at him that my body is preparing for the evacuation of a few grams of blood next week and I need all the calories I can stuff in it while I still feel human enough to eat/before the cramps kick in

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Laverne Cox Rockets Towards The Top Of The TIME 100 Poll ➙


Voting closes tonight at 11:59pm! Vote now!

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There is no character in the history of television that I hate more than Jenny Schecter.

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"im a woman and im not offended?!??!!"

after years of searching without success, i have found her. the one. behold: the spokesperson of the entire female population. bask in the glow of her internalized misogyny. bask, my friends.

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Vicodin + muscle relaxants + crutches = one wobbly lady

I need a good method of finding fonts for tattoos - specifically tattoos that will consist of numbers. Any ideas?

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But seriously who the hell would put Jenny Schecter in charge of a movie like my God

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raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a boy

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Woooo, surgery drugs!

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Just Being Real


Who here has every felt like they just wanted to kill Jenny Schecter:


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I relapsed
— the hardest words for someone to say (don’t be an asshole if they say it to you)

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